The Paradox GambitIt’s 2120 in Solsys and life stinks.

Robots hold all the jobs. Corporations buy laws to keep the economy in a stranglehold. The only intelligent species out there is interested solely in Earth’s dandelions. Even with the paradox drive, which made interplanetary travel possible, there isn’t much opportunity for someone who wants more out of life than the default human experience of soul-crushing poverty.

Kandi Kumari was searching for just that when she found herself in a gambit for a much bigger prize. She and the misfit crew of the salvage ship, the Lizzie Borden, discovered a mysterious device with reality-defying properties while cleaning up after an inter-corporate skirmish. If they can learn how to harness its capabilities, it could be the ray of hope that breaks them out of the perpetual drudgery of the meat-grinder system.

Soar through space with Kandi, Veronica, Felix, Jana and Bob as they evade scheming aliens, outwit bloodthirsty corporate cults, and assist a cabal of elusive techno-mystics in rescuing a piece of humanity’s legacy. The weird gets weirder as they wind their way into the depths of sex, drugs, and theoretical mathematics to make a discovery beyond their wildest dreams in “The Paradox Gambit” by Michele Glasnović-Zapf.

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